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Ample experience

We have more than two decades worth of experience creating video production, including work for Fortune 500 companies.

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You are part of the process

We want you to be happy with the outcome of the project and work with you to make sure that happens.

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Customized pricing

We take everything you need for your video into account when we provide you with a price.

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State of the art

Our facility is a state-of-the-art facility that includes everything we need to create high-quality video productions.

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    What is video production?

    Video production is more than just shooting a video and putting it up online. Instead, this is a comprehensive and complex process that is fine-tuned over time as the artist works on projects. The art of video production is something that can greatly enhance your business if you use it in the right way.

    The first step in the process occurs before any video footage is taken. During this planning stage, we work to determine the scope of the project, create a storyboard, do research about the topic, write the narrative or script, find the people who will participate in the video, and determine the location where it will be shot.

    The second step in the process is the actual filming. We work to get the right angles to show the scene. We focus on how the scenes we shoot are going to portray your purpose. We want you to get the best footage and not just the easiest.

    The third step is when we put everything together and get it ready for you. This is when we take care of the editing of the video. We also add in any narratives that are necessary. Additionally, we do post-processing work on the video which includes doing color grading, graphics work, animation, and music during this phase. Once the post-production phase is completed, you have a professional video that is ready for you to show off in any venue or manner necessary.

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    How much does video production cost?

    The cost of video production varies greatly, depending on the project. We offer quotes based on the specifics of your project so that you know what to expect to plan for in your budget.

    Some of the points we consider when we give you a quote include:

    • The length of the production
    • The amount of script writing and narration
    • How many days of filming are needed
    • What type of music, stock or custom, you require
    • The number, if any, of actors required
    • The use of animation or motion graphics
    • Any other customized factors of your project
    Creating an animated video is an in-depth process. The first thing we do is work with you to determine the concept. Once this step is completed, we get a script written, which you will approve. We will get character voice actors, narrators, or both to read the script. We then combine their parts with music and sound effects to finish up the soundtrack. Our animation department creates style frames or storyboards to determine how the visual aspects of the animated video will look. We then put everything together to create the frames that we will sync with the soundtrack.

    This process takes time and should only be done by people who know how to make everything seamless. When we hand the final product over, you will enjoy a smooth, animated video that matches the concept you agreed to at the start of the process.

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    How do you create an animated video?

    To create an animated video the first thing that will be required will be a concept. Once the concept is agreed upon a script will be written. Once the script is approved, narrators and/or character voices read the script and their sound is combined with music and sound effects to create a soundtrack. Storyboards or style frames will be created by the animation department to determine the visual direction, which will proceed to creating the actual frames of animation in sync with the soundtrack.


  • Bayou City Productions

    It was a real treat to work with Bayou City Productions. They made our video production much easier than we ever imagined and the output was very effective for us. I can't say enough good things about BCP!

    Forrest Bruch
    Psychological Software Solutions, Inc.
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  • Bayou City Productions

    Kevin and the team at Bayou City Productions are a breeze to work with. After more than a decade of partnering with BCP, I am still consistently impressed with the results they provide. For outstanding film, video, pod-casts, audio-casts I can't think of another team I would rather do business with--they simply deliver outstanding results.

    Christine Walker
    Sr. Director
    Service Line Marketing
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  • Bayou City Productions

    Bayou City Productions has been a delight to work with on several video projects. They have demonstrated a solid knowledge of the energy industry which enables them to run with a project with no hand-holding needed by the client. I have been amazed by the creative solutions they have provided. They are reliable and work well with clients.

    Nancy Turner
    Head of Global Communications
    Huntsman Corporation,
    Performance Products
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  • Bayou City Productions

    BCP is a perfect extension of a communication team: when you bring them on board, they're proactive, creative, professional, diligent and reliable. I really appreciate their "no surprises" approach. Each time we've worked with them, they have exceeded my already high expectations. I recommend them highly.

    Ward Pennebaker
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